30 Day AT HOME Challenge

Your All-in-One Complete Fitness & Health Program That is Laser Focused On Helping You Trim, Tone and Get Stronger From Home

Just because you have to stay home doesn't mean you have to give up on your goals! You need the right program that can support you with the tools to make success achievable. Because there has never been a more important time to take care of yourself...

100% Remote | Workouts | Nutrition | Accountability



You Get Everything You Need At Your Fingertips!

This is NOT just a set of workout videos where we hand you a link, give you a print out, and leave you to figure it out! This is a full coaching program at its finest to help you achieve results 100% remotely from the safety of your home


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Custom Personal Training Programs

Training programs designed by our team of kinesiologists for your fitness level, your goals, any injuries or limitations you have, and any at home equipment you have... 100% FOR YOU. No more worrying about not knowing what to do or getting hurt by following along with general online workout videos that are NOT right for your body!

Live Video Personal Training Sessions

We'll be supporting you and guiding you every step of the way. You will workout virtually with your coach to keep you accountable to the results you deserve. Your coach will help you stick to your goals, help with fitness modifications, support you with your nutrition, anywhere you are getting stuck. They will be your rock throughout this challenge.

Initial Review + Goal Setting

Want to get healthier? Lose weight? Feel better? Be in less pain? Get stronger? Move better? Stop huffing and puffing when you go up the stairs? Do you actually know the path to get there? We'll get clear on where you are now and WHY what you've done before IS NOT working... We'll  build a personalized routine and a path to success.

Delicious Meal Plans & Recipes

We'll remove the confusion and help implement simple guidance that will make a big impact on your health and your fitness. You can still enjoy the foods you love and there are NO crazy diets here. (We hate crazy diets around here). We are all about simple, tasty recipes the whole family will enjoy.

LIVE Online Nutrition Coaching Sessions

We're covering different topics LIVE in each session specific to what is going on now... eating healthy while grocery shopping less often, immunity, what to do if you are dealing with stress eating, etc. PLUS live Q&A with the coaches to help you every week. 

LIVE Online Mindset Coaching Sessions

You already know carrots are better for you than cake... and that going for a walk is better than the couch watching Netflix for hours... So why don't you do it then? What is actually holding you back? We are tackling willpower, motivation, habits, and more so you can get the results you want and keep them.

VIP Facebook Group + Awesome Community

In this isolated time our awesome community of other 30-Day Online Challengers is here to support you and cheer you on! There is power in not doing this alone! Get daily motivation from our coaches, a positive place on social media, and connection with others in the challenge!

Tracking Your Results

Just because you have to workout from home DOESN'T mean you can't get results... An average of 6-12 lbs in weight loss in 30 Days is absolutely achievable with this program. And you're doing it the right way! We'll track your results throughout the program. And just for fun, there are prizes each month!

What You Can Expect In Just 30 Days...

  • Lose pounds and inches – Your clothes will be fitting better and you'll feel more confident
  • Boost your immune system – documented studies are showing that keeping fit will help towards protecting you from getting sick
  • Have more energy to take on your day – from changing demands at work, to home schooling, to taking care of the house... you have a lot on your plate & need your energy to do it
  • Increase your metabolism – you'll be burning more calories at rest which is so important during this quarantined time
  • ​Feel better mentally & emotionally – staying physically fit and eating healthy will help combat stress and anxiety. Having a routine, structure, and a goal to work towards will help you feel motivated, productive, and out of your current slump

Who Is Movimento Fitness

Getting fit and healthy can be challenging, but with the right coaching team, supportive community, and an ongoing accountability system that consistently moves you towards your health, fitness and fat loss goals, it becomes so much easier.

If you’re currently feeling frustrated, in a slump, and unclear with how to go about improving your weight, your fitness and your energy levels – and you are serious about looking and feeling better than ever – then Movimento Fitness can help you start feeling great, especially during this time.

Since 2010 our coaching programs have been responsible for helping 1000+ St. Albert and Edmonton residents just like you get in the BEST shape of their lives while feeling better than ever in our local St. Albert facility.

We have have taken our proven coaching systems ONLINE during lockdowns to help you stay fit, strong, and healthy during this challenging time amongst us.

No matter what your current level of fitness is, my team and I will show you how to reclaim your body and energy levels so that you can live at your absolute best moving forward!

Juan Medrano

Owner - Movimento Fitness

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